Placeholder for Friday

By , June 20, 2008 8:51 pm

And this post is just that, a placeholder. May try to post something later and may not. Till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    Had a Friday, we did. Got the network MOSTLY setup, some things working real good, some things kinda working, and some things will have to be integrated into it later. About what I expected, really, but it’s something we can live with right now, since there are only about a dozen or so working right now–as we have to make customized, temporary changes, that’s not so many. But we need to have the whole ball of wax going soon, because I (well, Anthony and I, but probably mainly I) will have to touch all of the ~150 staff computers and make fairly major changes to them. Job security….

    Conditioning my Father’s Day Wok (hereafter know as the FDW) to get it ready for first use tonight. It’s boiling on the stove right now so that I can remove the protective coating, and immediately after that I will condition it with oil, its permanent protective coating. Then going into town for a haircut and something to stir-fry tonight. About to look for recipes.

    Hope things are going well. Have a good one.

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