One bed down and more to go

By , June 21, 2008 4:17 pm

Just got through with the first planting bed. Built it up out of rock, broken chunks of cement and old bricks. Laid down newspaper to keep down the grass and weeds, then put in a layer of dried leaves and grass clippings, and then 10 forty pound bags of topsoil. Bought the topsoil to speed it up as I just ain’t got the energy to get out and dig it all up this time around. Put in several kinds of peppers and a slew of tomatoes. Haven’t counted them but I think around 40 plants. Now that the sun is off of them for the day I watered it all good. Will water again either later this afternoon or early in the morning.

Got another 10 bags of organic humus in the truck I just went and got to do the second bed as I still have tomato plants and a pepper plant or two left to put in. Also got some sprouting potatoes and a few onions I need to get in the ground. Looks like this next bed will be mostly brick around the sides and not quite as big as the first but a bit deeper. Doubt that I will get it put in today. May get out there and start laying the brick out but that will be about all as I am sore from top to bottom from the bending, digging, hauling, and stooping. Maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow, and if not Monday.

Think I’m gonna go and lie on the couch, read, and cool off for a bit. Till later…

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