Dis n Dat

By , January 4, 2008 8:37 pm

Or something along those lines.

First off though, Steve, you’re on. I’ll post something, be it simple or complex drivel every day that I’m able to get to a computer, and on any days that I can’t I’ll still write stuff down and post it when I can get to one.

Still not got my head together enough to get a real post together so todays is gonna be a disjointed ramble of dis and dat.

Got a airsoft game going tomorrow. Went out and looked over the area today and most of what needs to be done is. Still got a piece or two of plastic and some other building materials on the field but they can walk around or over, cause I ain’t gonna pick it up before game time. πŸ‘Ώ

Got the bamboo caution taped off so hopefully they will stay out of there.

Put together 3 barricades for Spook to use in the game tomorrow, then blocked off the building materials area.

Gonna have a potluck supper tomorrow afternoon. Need to get some firewood hauled down to the firepit for the after the game sit around the fire and bs session.

Hope to get up to Collinsville during the coming week to see where on the site we can rent a spot to set up and sell stuff.

Still haven’t made any progress on getting set up on Too Many Books to sell books and stuff. Need to try to spend at least a few hours on getting that set up so we can start listing stuff.

Fire is finally warming the room up a bit. Had let it die down while out and about this afternoon and it’s taken a while to get it back to comfortable.

Got to get working on a heater for this place. Been thinking about building a unit to go on top of the existing woodburner to allow the hot portion of the flue gases to rise and the cooler components flow down and out. I’m thinking if I enclose the bells/pipes/whatever you want to call them, in a metal plenum (?) we should be able to duct from that to the heat/air ducts in the trailer and add another to the qhut. Add a blower and some pipes through the top of the bells and fill around everything with sand/clay/cement for heat storage mass. I suspect I will need to draw this out as it’s in me head but not coming out me fingers too well tonight.

On that somewhat disjointed ramble I will close for the night. More tomorrow… 😎

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