Tuesday on the tractor

By , January 29, 2008 8:50 pm

Had fouled a plug yesterday and kept on anyway. Upon getting out and about today moved the tractor to the front of the barn and did a bit of maintenance. Had been meaning to reinstall the front shield and finally did so. Changed the plugs. Tightened the exhaust pipe to manifold nuts. Checked and added oil. Replaced the positive battery terminal with one from the 68 Volvo 142. Another car I need to get running again and sell.

After getting it ready, took it to the town and pulled a timber I cut yesterday out and down to the firing range where it will spend the next year or two drying and curing. Then scrapped and cleared some brush. Pulled another 2 logs from by the dam to by the camp fire pit to cut up for firewood. Finished cleaning brush, privet and vines up by the lake drain pipe outlet.

Went to the lake bed and spent the next couple of hours pulling dirt and rotten sticks and such away from the stand pipe and drain entry. Most everything was rusted out pretty badly but cleared back to and open pipe so should have drainage.

Then went to the west end of the dam and started clearing trees and dead stuff to start cutting through it for the new creek bed. Made it up the side to the old fence and will have to remove it prior to any more work right there. Went to the east spillway and cut some of the pile of dirt there loose and started filling sink holes with it.

Dark fell and the rains came and in I ran. Food was consumed in moderate quantities and to the computer came I to recount the toils and tribulations of the day. And thus I come to this the present. Time to scan a few feeds and call it a night. Till the morrow… 😎

Shipment of Fail

By , January 29, 2008 9:54 am

Shipment of Fail

Link is thanks to Steve! Interesting site. Mucho potential, but still early days yet. Tis going on my feeds.

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