Monday pieces and bits

By , January 21, 2008 9:51 pm

Been a long cold day, even sitting close to the heater. Not much to relate other than Steve came by and we played with hard drives for a while before giving up with the pieces we had on hand. Hope you find a board close enough to work.

Made a stew out of the left over deer and gravy. Cut up some potatoes, carrots, celery, and half of an onion, put about 3 cups of water in a dutch oven and boiled them for an hour and a half until tender. Added some basil and parsley, salt and pepper early in the cooking. Once tender I dumped the gravy and meat in with the veggies and stirred till mixed. Added another cup of water and couple of cups of cooked rice. Stirred again till mixed and then added a can of whole kernel corn and about half a cup of ketchup and yet again mixed it all up good and heated it back to a boil and simmered for another half hour. Couple of large shots of hot sauce and that was some mighty good eaten fer supper. Couple of slices of bread and a glass of milk along side did it right.

Been looking at and thinking about mud ovens again and want to build another one, but portable. Gonna have to work out some details but have most of it in my head. Now to get my arse in gear and build it. Has got to have a opening big enough to take my 14 inch dutch oven! It’d be nice to be able to put both the 14″ and the 12″ in at the same time. Stacking is no problem so height of the opening would be the only problem. I been thinking about the door and I think that a brick or mud/cement door with a metal frame and pivot hinges would allow a large enough opening for both cookers and anything else I may want to cook in it.

Tis late and I am rambling. Will type more tomorrow.

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