Sausage and cheese muffins?

By , January 18, 2008 10:40 pm

Easy? So where is the recipe? Don’t tease us and not follow through there, Steve! πŸ˜‰

Friday done

By , January 18, 2008 9:12 pm

Made it though another one. After a early night last night got up and felt better, not good, not great, but better than yesterday. Fixed breakfast, read email and checked feeds and comics and got a shower. Went to the camp where Tim and I talked about business type things for a while.

Ate lunch and we dealt with some more. He went to deal with the post office and I cranked off the compressor, filled an air tank, got a battery, some tools, the battery charger, and the truck. Took the plunder to the 76 Honda accord and proceeded to get it ready to try to crank off. Battery was dead so is still on charge. And have another one on charge in the barn just in case this one is well and truly dead. As of dark the one in the Honda is still being deadish. Will do the lights and basic stuff but the starter is doing nothing and the in tank pump is not making it’s accustomed noises. If the pump is bad suspect I will put a boat tank in the back with a electric pump hooked to it. Only gonna use the car on the farm at present. Just need another cheap runaround and this one fits the bill. I hope. πŸ™„

Got the tractor out and did a bit of maintenance to it just in case it has to be used to extract us from the snow. 😎 Then cleared some briars and brush and pushed some stuff around. Put it up for the night.

Tim came back from the post office and we put up his new mail box out by the YST. Guess it will become the Airsoft Alabama trailer instead. Had to get the tractor back out to clear a bunch of crap out of the way to put the mail box up. Got that area cleared and the box installed. And the day was called by all.

Came in and fixed a big pot of hamburger and baked beans kinda using the recipe in the linked article. No vinegar or lemon juice or hot sauce. Most of the rest as called for and added a quarter cup of salsa, and some frozen bell peppers along with some dried flaked chili peppers. Made a nice spicy change from the standard version.

Just put it in the oven when Mihel called to see if he could get to his generator (cause his wife was driving him crazy about the coming blizzard and them freezing to death πŸ˜† ) so I got back in outside clothes and went and helped him get to it and get it out. He and his son loaded it the propane radiant and headed back home. I came back to the house and to food.

Ate, and sat down to check email, feeds and get this down.

Game tomorrow has been put off until next Saturday due to the weather. So sitting here waiting for the snow. πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

Think I am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night. Looks like most if not all of the snow is to be in the morning so may as well get sleep while I can.

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