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A blog after me own heart! Cool, neat and other dated words of approval… 😎 In case you are having trouble figuring out what it might be about, it’s about bookcases, mostly. πŸ˜‰


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Or however frustration expressed in a loud voice is expressed. πŸ‘Ώ Been trying to install and configure Ubercart for several hours now and am almost there I think. Still not sure what I did or didn’t do to begin with but must have been something or there was a glitch at one end or the other or somewhere in between.

Tried installing it just as I had on the test site. Created the database and user and input the information and after what appeared to be a good install told me that there was a problem that might be corrected by installing again. So I did. And got a page full of errors about weird stuff in the database. So deleted the database and recreated it. Ran the installer again and it seemed to work. Went to the site and it was there. Then started customizing and configuring it. Got an hour or so in and it sent me to a page that wasn’t there. 404 big time. OK, lets try again. Same thing. Went elsewhere and started configuring the cart it’s self. Got it about done and then noted no payment gateway. So went to the modules and there they were but not turned on. Turned the ones I needed on and submitted and got another 404. Did it again and again (trying different selections each time) and same thing. big BAD 404. πŸ‘Ώ So found a update script and ran it to get hit with errors out the wahzoo. Decided to try adding the modules in again and it worked. 😯 Have no idea how or why. But am gonna continue to continue, or keep on keeping on or try to go forward in some fashion anywho.

Coffee breaks over, time to return to the inverted position… πŸ™„

Rebuilding our book website

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The previous 4 posts are direct copies from our Too Many Books site. I am taking it down and rebuilding it from the ground up using something other than WordPress. WordPress is good for many things but for e-commerce it ain’t there just yet, and I need something now. So am going with Drupal and Ubercart using their website installer. Hope to have the site back up and actually use it for something soon.

The official Agatha Christie website –

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The official Agatha Christie website –

THE site for Christie fans! Nuff said…

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Just what it says. Unfortunately some of the buttons don’t work in either Firefox or Safari on my mac. Haven’t tried Firefox or Opera on the linux machine but they do work on Internet Exploder 5.x for the mac which would seem to mean that the site is Microsloth centric. Lotta good info on Creasey and his writings if you can get to it.

The Crime-Haters by John Creasey writing as Gordon Ashe

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Published by Doubleday and Co. Copyright date is 1960.

Several men sat around a table in The Hague. Hand-picked and carefully screened by their respective governments, they were about to embark on war against international crime. These men were The Crime-Haters.

Patrick Dawlish, England’s representative, brought the Crime-Haters their first dangerous assignment: to find who had planted the bomb which exploded seconds before his plane left London. There were several questions to be answered — had Dawlish been the object of the attack? This was to be the first battle in their new war.

The opening move was clear — locate the woman whose tip-off phone call had saved so many lives but might have endangered her own.

Scene: London and Amsterdam

Not a bad read though slow and somewhat stilted at times. Creasey seems to take on a totally different writing personality when writing as Gordon Ashe or any of his other aliases.

Just went to and looked up John Creasey. Discovered that he wrote under
27 different names and wrote over 600 books. The following list of names he wrote under is taken from and is as complete a listing as I have seen anywhere.

Author # of Titles
Anthony Morton 64
Brian Hope 1
Chars Hogarth 1
Colin Hughes 1
Credo 1
Elise Fecamps 3
Gordon Ashe 59
Henry St John Cooper 6
James Marsden 1
Jeremy York 22
Jimmy Wilde 1
JJ Marric 23
John Creasey 276
Ken Ranger 2
Kyle Hunt 4
Margaret Cooke 14
ME Cooke 20
Michael Halliday 59
Norman Deane 23
Patrick Gill 7
Peter Manton 13
Richard Martin 3
Robert Caine Frazer 10
Rodney Mattheson 2
Tex Riley 15
William K Reilly 13
William Vivian Butler 5

Now to dig through our collection and see how many of his books we actually have. I know that I have several of the JJ Marric Gideon books that will have to be refiled. Will be interesting to see just how many of the others we have…

Agatha Christie

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Below the fold is a list, in chronological order, of the 66 mystery novels written by Agatha Christie. American titles are in parentheses. Titles of reprinted versions or titles with only small changes (such as changes in spelling) are not noted.

She also wrote approximately 150 short stories and 16 plays, a series of romantic novels under the pen name Mary Westmacott and five books of autobiography and poetry, none of which are listed here.

This information is from the BBC page at

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Nutrition Research Center Health Update » Blog Archive » What Happens To Your Body Within An Hour Of Drinking A Coke

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Nutrition Research Center Health Update » Blog Archive » What Happens To Your Body Within An Hour Of Drinking A Coke

If you drink regular sodas you NEED to read this. Diet soda is another matter entirely and I ain’t even going there.

FWIW, I will still drink a little Dr. Pepper, 7-Up or Sprite from time to time but only if there isn’t any available water, coffee, tea, fruit juice, or milk. I’d guess that I have had 12 to 16 oz of the stuff so far this year and that was due to needing liquid quick and none of the above being close at hand. The colas and my gut just don’t get along at all.

Challenge: figure out Amazon’s crazy-ass “proprietary” MP3 tagging system – Boing Boing

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Challenge: figure out Amazon’s crazy-ass “proprietary” MP3 tagging system – Boing Boing

Instead of trying to figure it out, we need to not buy their product until they change their ways. Money talks, both in sales due to a smart merchant and in lost sales due to merchant stupidity. Sounds like Amazon is in the latter category yet once again. πŸ‘Ώ

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