Long day Monday

By , January 28, 2008 9:14 pm

Hopped on the tractor and headed for the lake bed this am. Scrapped the tall stuff down and then started scrapping the brush and smaller trees into a pile for later burning. Ran out of gas and went and got the spare gallon and sent Cat to the station for another 8 gallons. Took the truck, chain saw and other implements of destruction with me when I went back. Cut the tree in town that has been waiting for the time and saw. Then went to the lake bed and took out the ones that were leaning and much in the way. After spending the first 15 minutes filing the chain. Worth it though the way it cuts. Cleared most of the bed (2 to 3 acres) of grass and brush. Pushed my way up the center of the bed clearing as I went to the first water behind a beaver dam and started reinforcing the dam. Doubled its thickness in just a few minutes. Hope I give the little critters a complex… Gonna take the top 5 or so feet off of the big lake dam and move the dirt into the lake bed. Cut a hole in the dam for the creek to flow through and work from there. Should be an interesting next few weeks/months as I move several thousand cubic feet of dirt and rock.

Got another game this weekend and again next weekend so gonna be busy with other work and clearing and fixing around the property for the next few weeks.

Gonna call it an early night and start again tomorrow and see how far I can get before the rain hits and calls a halt to the lake bed clearing. Till tomorrow… 😎

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