Would rather be sleeping

By , January 6, 2008 6:11 pm

Most likely gonna be short tonight.

Up and out on a warm sunny Sunday morn. Did a walkover of the playing field to pick up crap and lost and found items. Very little today which is a good thing.

Worked on a Nissan Pathfinder for light problems. Had a wire to the old trailer light plug that was shorted to the latch at the back door. That had burned the contacts in the light switch on the steering column. Cleaned the contacts lubed it all and it works fine. Customer wants me to check on price of new switch to determine if it’s cost effective to replace. I think the repair is good but will check. Suspect it’s a dealer only item and most likely high. Also replaced the dome light.

Replaced the mounting bracket on the coil and fixed a large rusted hole in the inner fender well. Coil was fixing to fall out on to the front tire. Bet that would have been fun. 😯

Still got a pipe that I need to seal off and a weird fitting in the middle of the upper radiator hose that is leaking. Otherwise almost done other than putting the column back together.

Hope to get enough ahead with this repair to get a 12×20 portable garage with ends and sides to put up below the barn so I will have somewhere to work under shelter and not have to take the tools and stuff in every night. Want to go to Tractor Supply tomorrow and check prices on them.

Think I am gonna go rest up in anticipation of a hard night of sleep. πŸ˜‰

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