Slashdot | Material Turns All Surfaces into Stereo

By , January 9, 2008 9:20 pm

Slashdot | Material Turns All Surfaces into Stereo

When all the worlds a speaker… πŸ™„

We got air

By , January 9, 2008 9:09 pm

After walking around most of the day looking at and in things to see if I could find a piece of spring steel to replace the valve in the compressor, Bill and I were headed toward the camp when Cat hollers and asks if the spring out of an old stapler she had would work. I looked at it and thought it would, took it out and after straightening it out and using the shear to trim it up a bit turns out it would. Used a chain saw file to cut the screw openings. Rounded the end a bit with the grinder. Cut the end off the old spring and then mounted the new one under the old. Put it all back together, added a drop or so of Marvel Magic Mystery Oil through the valves and cranked it up. Added a bit more oil and ran it till it shut off at 140 psi. Good enough repair. Very little coming out of the top, and no more on that side than the other.

So we got air again for various air tools and other uses. Now to go over all the connections and joints and take care of all the small leaks. Before the valve gave out I was loosing about 25 psi a day which isn’t bad but would rather not loose any.

Went and looked at the yard sale trailer a bit today. Should be able to clear out the main room without much trouble. Just got to figure out where/how to move the stuff in it to. Starting to think that the next move needs to be to clear the trailblazer camper out and remove as much of the inside as necessary so it can be used to sleep and cook in and still have room to store and get to our stock. Need to see if Herrington will haul it up there for fuel money. πŸ™„

Gonna tear down what I had started as the round house. Wrong place and time. Going to set up a concessions stand and picnic area there. 2 10×20 garage portable buildings after a bit of grading and its mostly done for about 200 bucks. We have canvas that will do for walls and ends. Just gotta cut and sew a bit here and there and buy a pile of bungie balls… πŸ˜†

Gonna move Tim’s sales hooch over there too.

Looking at putting a bridge over the creek behind the office building for car and truck traffic. The road through the creek is wearing down way too much.

Gotta find the battery charger. Need to charge the battery in Tim’s truck so I can move it to the work area to replace the water pump. Also got some body work on another truck that I gotta get to soon… πŸ™„ Automotive work just keeps on rolling or dragging in whether I want it or not. πŸ˜•

Will look at the Ultimate boot cd. Been quite a while since I have messed with any M$ computer stuff so am out of the loop a bit. πŸ˜†

Time and past to call it a night. Hope the storms tomorrow are not as bad as they are predicting. Need the rain just not the wind and tornadoes. Till I type again… πŸ˜‰

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