Better and worse

By , January 8, 2008 7:22 pm

Some bits better and some are worse.

Got the Nissan Pathfinder done today. Or as done as I am gonna get it. Air bleed plug is in and fluid topped off, though not in that order. πŸ˜‰ Hatch inside cover put back on with new clips, and light switch disconnected. Steering column reassembled. Lights all working. Coil mounted and relays remounted as they were supposed to be. Done, done, and done.

Got a job that requires air pressure in the tank. Last few times I have needed it it would climb to 120 and sit there for quite a time and I have just been cutting it off. Took the head off the compressor this afternoon to see what the problem was and have got a large hole in a spring steel valve. Spent the rest of the daylight looking for a piece to make another one out of. So far no luck. Gonna go to the yard sale trailer and see if I can find anything over there that will work. After that am gonna take a seat belt roll up unit apart and see what kind of spring they have in them. I know something around here will work. Just gotta find it. πŸ™‚

Got Cat a new hard drive today. Now to figure out what process/program(s) to use to copy the old one to the new one. Old is 120 gb new is 250 gb. Think she wants to dual boot too. Guess I need to download the latest and greatest pclos for her to install.

Looks like we are gonna be selling airsoft products and equipment out of the yard sale trailer soon. Tim got the license today, so I’ve got to clear a bunch of stuff out of the main room asap. Also need to get that bathroom torn out and ceiling repaired. And a entry way built. Bit by bit… 😯 πŸ™„ Ought to be an interesting few weeks, months, whatever till things get to the point they are workable.

Got to get a mail box set at that gate too. And move the boat and camper shell. And clear out all the crap in the back parking lot.

When I said tin, I meant galvanized metal roofing, most likely of the 5v style. Did a price comparison a couple of months ago and per square foot it was cheaper by far than the 3 foot wide stuff. Depending on the amount of rain we get or don’t get tonight and tomorrow, I am hoping to get a start on clearing the area to build the work shed on.

Tis early and all but I think I will close and try for an early day tomorrow.

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