The Crime-Haters by John Creasey writing as Gordon Ashe

By , January 22, 2008 1:43 pm

Published by Doubleday and Co. Copyright date is 1960.

Several men sat around a table in The Hague. Hand-picked and carefully screened by their respective governments, they were about to embark on war against international crime. These men were The Crime-Haters.

Patrick Dawlish, England’s representative, brought the Crime-Haters their first dangerous assignment: to find who had planted the bomb which exploded seconds before his plane left London. There were several questions to be answered — had Dawlish been the object of the attack? This was to be the first battle in their new war.

The opening move was clear — locate the woman whose tip-off phone call had saved so many lives but might have endangered her own.

Scene: London and Amsterdam

Not a bad read though slow and somewhat stilted at times. Creasey seems to take on a totally different writing personality when writing as Gordon Ashe or any of his other aliases.

Just went to and looked up John Creasey. Discovered that he wrote under
27 different names and wrote over 600 books. The following list of names he wrote under is taken from and is as complete a listing as I have seen anywhere.

Author # of Titles
Anthony Morton 64
Brian Hope 1
Chars Hogarth 1
Colin Hughes 1
Credo 1
Elise Fecamps 3
Gordon Ashe 59
Henry St John Cooper 6
James Marsden 1
Jeremy York 22
Jimmy Wilde 1
JJ Marric 23
John Creasey 276
Ken Ranger 2
Kyle Hunt 4
Margaret Cooke 14
ME Cooke 20
Michael Halliday 59
Norman Deane 23
Patrick Gill 7
Peter Manton 13
Richard Martin 3
Robert Caine Frazer 10
Rodney Mattheson 2
Tex Riley 15
William K Reilly 13
William Vivian Butler 5

Now to dig through our collection and see how many of his books we actually have. I know that I have several of the JJ Marric Gideon books that will have to be refiled. Will be interesting to see just how many of the others we have…

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